MLCP | Mandaue Libertad Commercial and Packaging | Flexible Packaging Manufacturer
Mandaue Libertad Commercial and Packaging is a flexible packaging manufacturer in Cebu, Philippines
flexible packaging, plastic, plastic bags, pouches, rolls, sheets
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We offer free consultations


You may not know it but we’re already part of your life. Mandaue Libertad Commercial and Packaging provides the plastic packaging that preserves and protects most of your favorite food brands. You can even have your products with your own brand’s packaging done by us.

Unparalleled Quality

Being a rotogravure printing company, images in your packaging design will be of photographic quality, which will attract your market better.


Our people have been trained to be honest and reliable to be able to guarantee desired results. We understand that our packaging is an essential part to make your product a success. Thus, we value your every transaction with us.


We understand that your marketplace demands that you react quickly. We will work to make sure you can.


We know that you are always looking for a step up on your competition. With our diligent pursuit of innovative flexible packaging products, we can help you. With every new innovation we discover, we educate our clients—”Your business is our business”

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that our company has a corporate social responsibility. Thus, we take into consideration the impact of our activities on customers, employees, communities, and most especially the environment. MLCP strives to stay in business to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for its employees and their families. Moreover, the local community and the society at large by providing job opportunities and helping save the environment by our efforts to achieve sustainability through recycling, water treatment, and using and producing bio-diesel.

Our History

Founded by our company’s General Manager together with his better half, the Finance Manager, in 1994, Mandaue Libertad Commercial And Packaging has developed into a full-fledged flexible plastic packaging company serving the requirements of local and national food brands.

Operations sites



Over the years, our company has grown from 1 operations site with 30 people to 3 operations sites in N.S. Cabahug St. Sudlon Maguikay, Mandaue City, Cebu with more than 100 personnel. We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to our clients through regular updates in world-class technology and machinery, on-going research and development, and an unswerving dedication to developing skilled human capital.

Our Products

  • Industries

    • Breads & Pastries, Confectionaries, Fruit Preserves, Delicacies, Seasoning
    • Processed Meat & Poultry, Frozen Foods
    • Farm Products
    • Clothing & Textiles, Fabric Care Products
    • Toys, Novelty Products, Electronics

  • Forms

    • Pre-formed Bags (Side-sealed, Gusseted, With Handle, Stand-Up Pouches)
    • Sheet Form (Continuous Design OPP Wrapping for Breads)
    • Roll Form (For Automatic Packaging Machines)

  • Substrates

    • HDPE & LDPE
    • PP & OPP
    • PET
    • OPP-COEX

Our Product Quality Policy

MLCP makes no compromise on product quality and we ensure this through:

M Monitoring and verifying

every stage of the production process to guarantee that our products are of superior quality

L Listening to customer needs

transforming customer expectation into quick action in accordance to the standard procedure

C Constant improvement of quality

by continuously enhancing every aspect of the company’s operations and increasing competitiveness through innovation

P Prompt delivery

of our products and services. We proudly live by the “just in time” philosophy

Our Facilities & Equipment

We take pride in our up-to-date world class equipment and well-maintained facilities:


Sales & Marketing, Admin, Accounting Offices


Ink, graphics, color-matching, and cylinder-making


Warehouse and warehouse management system


Defect detection, bond, seal, and tensile strength testing, etc.


Mono- an tri-layer blown film extrusion of plastic film and substrates


Photographic process and spot color printing, automatic registration


Lamination, slitting, center sealing, folding, and inspection


Bagmaking, bottom seal bagmaking, pre-formed bags


Recycling rejected plastics

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch with us today!

Factory & Office Address

Mandaue Libertad Commercial and Packaging
Flexible Packaging Manufacturer
N.S. Cabahug Street, Sudlon, Maguikay
Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines 6014

Telephone Numbers

(032) 420-3333, 420-6285 to 86, 505-2281 to 82

Fax Number

(032) 238-9860